Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How to use Promotional products

Popular uses of promotional products include business gifts, employee relations, incentives, promote brand awareness, trade show handouts and to encourage specific responses eg providing feedback

The 3 absolute keys to using promotional products:

1. Set goals for your marketing campaign

Determine the reason you want to advertise.
Is it to increase brand awareness?
Promote a call to action?
Increase short-term sales?
Your marketing goals will determine how you can best use promotional products to help your business.

2. Choose the best products to accomplish your goal

Determine which types of items will suit your campaign best.
e.g. to increase brand awareness a financial planning company may give away a branded calculator.

3. Decide who your target audience and supporters will be

Make sure your products are tailored towards your target market. e.g. A computer reseller may give away laptop bags with each laptop purchase to advertise their brand of laptop.

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