Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How to find an effective promotional product

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Promotional products represent one of the most conomical and effective marketing mediums.

The most important consideration when choosing an effective promotional product is, “Will it get used?”
The more a promotional product is used, the more advertising there is for your brand/company and the greater the value to the client for having received your product.

Thus the best promotional product for your business is not necessarily the most expensive product, but the most thoughtful product.
E.g. for an auto-mechanics business, something simple and economical like a keyring to put car keys on will remind the customer of their mechanic every time they get in their car

Try to choose items that represent, complement or say something about your company.
E.g. a gym can give away branded drink bottles, as they are an item that complements the use of the gym.

Conversely you can think of your clients and cater towards their needs.
E.g. if a large number of your clientele played golf, you could give away branded golf balls, golf accessories, golf shirts etc.
These would be items sure to be used and perceived with high value.
If you can determine who your target market/audience are, you will find it easier to meet their needs.

Another consideration is whether you want third party exposure.
For instance fridge magnets are commonly used by businesses to ensure clients have their contact details handy. However there is minimal exposure to people who don’t live in that particular household.

A re-useable shopping bag eg a branded Non-woven bag however would be used by the client and when walking, travelling and shopping, members of the public would be exposed to the business’ branding.

Ensure the products you choose are valued.
E.g. if choosing pens as a promotional item, cheap pens are more likely to be thrown away than ones that look nice or write well

One final word of advice – as promotional products are used for branding, ensure the decoration area is large enough for the logo/message you want displayed. Small items and products with seams, ribbing etc may limit the size of the decoration space

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